ramenhouse rock

yeah, erubisu in the shinjuku. now wit a loaded name like that, you'd be expectin' ta see the king in everything.. well, 'taint so here. but a solid bowl erubisu be.

shoe gots the loaded version, with the egg an all. oniony topping left to a minimum, a wee too much moyashi, but a good chicken broth, clear wit no strong flavas dominatin' anything. nice hosomen, an the egg had something just a little extra rockin' it, must be the king there..

chashew above average, an the layer o' lipid floaties wasn't too distracting.

no hunka-hunka burnin' love ta be seen in the joint! ya think that the boogers coulda thought up some sortof gimmick. oh well, the bowl speaks for itself.

shoe gonna give this one three tortelvises. not really the king, but good enough for a one-off.

back ta school

shoes wanderins've taken him all the way ta DA saitama- usually a place where good times go ta die. but not today fellas. shoes got hisself a whole new whack o tasties to mow thru. enta THE RAMEN ACADEMY

first on the block, a rock solid hakata honey from the genya. lookit those lervly chashew petals surrounding that shweet shweet tonkotsu nectar. an noodles ya could lace yer booties wit, so thin n so hard. shoe in his snotty haste forgot ta get the boiled egg on the side! o well next time innit.

shoe charted six, mebbe seven joints in the hallowed halls, definitely enough ta power him thru til spring- woop woop

three hawt coeds fer genya in the academy- let classes commence!

let's slay winter.

hot damn. shoe was all a-snivelin', wanderin down the road thinkin aboot how de-lovely warm it was the other day an why the fuck cain't it be like that from now on and waa waa waa... back to this chilly-ass shit an shoe not likin' it.

well, fuck that noise! shoe headed down to makotoya in the hachimanyama, an immersed hisself in the clouds o steam risin' from within. ahh..

makotoya hits on all cylinders. creamy, thick tonkotsu/shoyuu mix, egg in place, some short thick-ass noodles and heaps o toppings. ROWLF! shoe also had the headfones rawkin oot to DFA 1979, an when he got out o the joint, he gave the winter gods the big phat bird. take that you shitty cold spirits!

ramen is the shoe's sword and shield. three forks in ole man winter!


shoe in a bit o a ramen lull. "wtf shoe?" y'all be saying.. shoe hears ya. keep yer panties on ya turly curds!

there's a whole lotta ramen comin down the tubes, all in good time. shoe was doin' all sortsa entertainin' n junk a while back, an between shippin his carcass of ta kyoto n all over the tokyo, he had some time to school some punk on what's what in the ramenverse.

shoe hit some o his best joints in a span o a week n a half. some were legendary bowls, some were shoe's secret bowls, an some were just 'too phucking hungry n lazy to crawl off to a fly joint' bowls. but theys were all hard pipe hittin' bowls, to be sure.

so, 'spanky the wonder newbie' will be droppin' in wit the commentary, hopefully some time this frikkin' month. yummy!

in the meantime, here are some gawdawful portraits o nekkid blimpos seen in an onsen.. mad props to sarita, wiggid baybee!


bonten in the shibuya. damn, thats a bowl an a half. great jibbly chashew an a rich broth. wit some extra meat iffn ya don't get enough from the chashew.

now, enough about the bowl. the inhouse deejay wuz rockin' the room wit the k-tel disco, creating some unholy fusion of ramen an' phat 70s vibes.

bwam-chikky-bwam bwamm

three platform shoes for the bonten.

lord of illusions!

k, a hearty >clink< for the new year from shoe... a month too late but man! wotta year shoe gots in store for ya. there's a whole lotta ramen backed up in shoestore.. it'll all come oot in a grand splooge sooner or later..

right. the hatsu-ramen for 2006. a kee-yo-to ramen called the red-devil. shoe wasn't planning to hit this joint or anyting, just wandering on a chilly rainy night, buzzed n looking fer some good eats. but then the devil, sweet charmer she is, ensnared poor ole shoe wit a beguiling photo of the loaded ramen delights in store.. shoe lost all reason an just scampered in.. 'ooo lookit tha toppings!' shoe was squealing..


but then the bowl came. little less than advertised, but still lookin' fine. a taste o the noodles... hmm. limp. the soup. na bad, but the letdown had already set in. the monster loads o' spicy shit? shoe was envisionin' a grand spectacle o choking nose wipin' slurpy escapads, but it turned oot to be nuthin' stronger than paprika..

some decent chashew an some more beer pulled this one up a bit again, but gaddam shoe wuz lookin' at the pictures an then the bowl, and .. arrr..

here's the chashew-men version..

fillin', but the devil did done shoe in wit the visions o sinful ramen heaven..

three sultry she-devils for the aka-oni.

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